Exemplar documents

To assist centres with administration, we have developed a number of editable exemplar documents (see below). These documents represent the minimum standard required, centres are encouraged to adapt and expand these forms, incorporating their own content as appropriate. You will note that some documents include the phrase ‘single-trainer’ in their titles. These documents are specifically intended for use by trainers who work independently. Please note: exemplar documents alone do not comprise of all of the documentation that may be required by CIEH audits.

Most of the documents supplied are blank templates, but some include indicative content (text that appears in light-grey). This content should be edited to convey centre-specific information. Please note: centres are encouraged to contact the Customer Services team to obtain the CIEH registered centre logo, which centres can display on these documents with their own logo. Centres may redesign any of the exemplar documents, but must ensure that the guidance provided in the ‘Procedure for use of CIEH name, logo and unit and qualification titles’ in the CIEH Procedure Manual is followed.

The footer of each document contains a page reference and short version history, which centres may find useful when tracking document updates.

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